Why The Doc In A Box?

Pregnant? Hey Momma!

Pregnancy is an exciting time and getting you SAFELY to delivery is always the goal. This is why it's important to be aware of potential pregnancy risk and receiving the proper education and tools to manage along the way. Have you ever heard of Pre-eclampsia? It's a dangerous pregnancy complication of severe high blood pressure which can lead to health risk for mother and fetus, even fatality if left unattended. The only cure for preeclampsia is to give birth. According to CDC, preeclampsia occurs about 1 in 25 pregnancies in the United States. More common than any of us would like to mention. Even though you receive routine check up with your doctor while pregnant, it is always wise to have self monitoring tools in the home for routine and sick day assessment. Also, great to have on hand with travel, so that you can notify you doctor with immediate changes. Order your box today!

Your Heart Matters!

February is American Heart Health Month. Some things you can do to preserve your health are:

*Quit Smoking

*Reduce Stress

*Adequate Sleep

*Routine Wellness Exams

* Healthy Diet


*Invest in your "The Doc In A Box"


My Daughter purchased this Doc In A Box for me as a gift, and it could not been at a perfect time! I like being able to monitor my blood pressure every day and being able to check my oxygen level is an added plus!


I love my box! The resource cards are extremely helpful. I taped them to my kitchen cabinet so that I am reminded daily to check my blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate daily.


I've never been diagnosed with high blood pressure or any other health concern, but I purchased The Doc In A Box in support of my friend. I began using the box to check my blood pressure at home, and I found it to be elevated. I checked it every day and it remained high. I was not scheduled to see my primary doctor until May, but I made an earlier appointment. It was high at my appointment, and I had kept a record of my blood pressure over the last six weeks. I monitored again for an additional 2 weeks with modifications after my doctor appointment with very little change. Two weeks later, I was able to report my findings to my doctor via a telemedicine appointment and was started on blood pressure medicine. I have developed a strong respect for The Doc In A Box! Gives true meaning to being proactive rather than reactive to your health.


FSA/HSA Eligible

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