Why The Doc In A Box?


My Daughter purchased this Doc In A Box for me as a gift, and it could not been at a perfect time! I like being able to monitor my blood pressure every day and being able to check my oxygen level is an added plus!


I love my box! The resource cards are extremely helpful. I taped them to my kitchen cabinet so that I am reminded daily to check my blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate daily.


I've never been diagnosed with high blood pressure or any other health concern, but I purchased The Doc In A Box in support of my friend. I began using the box to check my blood pressure at home, and I found it to be elevated. I checked it every day and it remained high. I was not scheduled to see my primary doctor until May, but I made an earlier appointment. It was high at my appointment, and I had kept a record of my blood pressure over the last six weeks. I monitored again for an additional 2 weeks with modifications after my doctor appointment with very little change. Two weeks later, I was able to report my findings to my doctor via a telemedicine appointment and was started on blood pressure medicine. I have developed a strong respect for The Doc In A Box! Gives true meaning to being proactive rather than reactive to your health.


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