The Doc In A Box Medical Resource & Toolkit

The Doc In A Box Medical Resource & Toolkit

The Doc In A Box
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FSA/HSA Eligible

The Doc In A Box is the premiere lifestyle resource and medical tool

kit! The medical toolkit features a cardiology grade stethoscope, pulse oximeter, wrist blood pressure cuff, non-contact thermometer, and a health resource guide. These medical instruments are an important necessity to assess and maintain knowledge about you and your family’s health, including children, especially during such unprecedented times. Better health awareness equals better health outcomes overall. Invest in your health!

Conveniently packaged for easy carry

Pulse oximeter: (measures blood oxygen level): can help monitor respiratory infection/disease

Blood pressure cuff: proactive monitoring for high blood pressure to prevent stroke or heart attack and effective management for high blood pressure

Thermometer: assess for fever which can indicate viral or bacterial infection

Stethoscope: to listen for abnormal lung sounds, especially for babies and children

Resource Cards:

Access to educational material